Dost Thou Yet Consider Me Holy?

Dost Thou Yet Consider Me Holy?
When I have time and again laid waste to my emotional security, in fact,
have seemed to take proactive measures to create a program of attrition
on the unsuspecting domiciles of my psyche.
When I have merely tried to justify myself as a mannered index of my value structure,
rather than endeavor to seek the true right.
I have told you enough,
you will now find me separate from my soul.
I am currently out to lunch, return shortly...

My Dear

My Dear,


I am sorry, but… you see, one must be able to present the truth in order to achieve a relevant state of self reflection.  It is not merely by statement, but by necessary action, that this will transpire, not merely in your own relations, but within your perception of my relations to others, as well as yourself…herein mentioned.  Now, we must not forget that by revealing such intent, it is possible that a certain…let us say…soft vulnerability will present itself as a primary target. I do not intend to maintain an archive of tender spots that I may have become aware of in you; it is merely a belligerent result of conversation and diatribe.  My dear, you may consider me ruthless and inconsiderate, but let me point out to you some concerns that I believe will reveal the firm footing on which I stand…

My Fellow People

My fellow people,


I thank you for your continued support of the ideals which guarantee our security and substantiates our claims to our noble mission.  It is during times that we are experiencing now, that what is revealed is the true initiative and motivation of our work, as it transpires in the form of product.  I remember a time that was reviled and uncertain, the motivations of the populace were worthy of note, however, there seemed at the time circumstances that guarantee our deliverance, yet they were unknown to us.


Now, I can boldly say that we have weathered the storm and the grace of significance is now upon us.

For it is with this acknowledgement that we are ordained in our realization of destiny which reflects itself so clearly.

I am but a simple soul, one who struggles to maintain a true prospect on the times, yet I have been tormented by influences that would astonish even the most abject among us.

Yet, this cannot be a factor of perpetuating a situation that is irrelevant to the desired goal.

Achievement, my dear fellows, is a necessary projection, and achievement will necessarily follow brilliant endeavor.  However, one must remain cognizant of the trials and influences that can present themselves as insurmountable and seemingly destructive to the purpose we now have at hand.  So we will join together, and plow the dry, unclaimed territory of the significance that is evident in our struggle.